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What is SHIELD?

SHIELD is an overarching program for a series of current and future Antwerp Police Department initiatives that pertain to private sector security and counterterrorism. This is a public private partnership based on information sharing.

Antwerp SHIELD wants to facilitate a fluent communication between the police and the public-private sector. This will enhance the task of the police to fight terror and enhance the safety of Antwerp.

SHIELD organizes training courses for members and provides a platform for education. Such training courses can be given through online tutorials or through training at your workplace. The courses provide tips and tricks for recognizing and responding to terrorist threats and can be attended free of charge.

Antwerp SHIELD is inspired by a concept developed by the New York Police Department. For a long period of time the NYPD has been experimenting with sharing information between the public and private sector within their project called NYPD SHIELD. This project enhances the following statement: "Countering terrorism through information sharing". Due to an efficient information sharing system with the private sector, the NYPD has been very good in maintaining daily contacts with their SHIELD-members.